Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Season in Review

The 2011 regular season comes to an end today and an exciting ending it will be.  With both AL and NL wild card spots on the line tonight, it will make for an interesting few hours on baseball.  As the season comes to a close, I have come to the point of reviewing my accomplishments of The Bucket List.  In a nut shell, I'm pretty disappointed with myself and how little (3 on the list and a "detour") on the list I accomplished this year.  I made it to 0 MLB games this year for the first time in recent memory.  I did make it to a Single A game in South Bend in late July, but due to circumstance changes (all you out there know what those are), I elected not to count it on my journey.  So in reflecting upon the season I decided that it was necessary for myself to set a list of which items on the list I plan on completing by the end of next season.  In the off-season, I plan to get a head start on watching a few of the movies on the list and reading a few of the books.  In particular, I plan to at least watch Field of Dreams (love this movie) and Eight Men Out and I plan to read Shoeless Joe and Ball Four.  Although not on the list, I plan to read and watch Moneyball because of all the hype its been getting as of late. 

I definitely hope to get more accomplished between the end of the World Series (here's hoping for a Braves/Tigers series.  Sorry to friends who root for other teams in the playoffs).  But at least with a list of some of the tasks to get accomplished, I can hopefully complete those.  As for the 2012 MLB, I am hoping to be able to attend 5 games.  One I know for sure (or at least going to die trying) is the Cincinnati Reds vs. Miami Marlins game on "Opening Day."  Matt Jackson, you better be coming to this game with me! 

Reported new logo for the Marlins. 
Did a 5 year old get on Photoshop for this?
Technically the first game of the season is taking place in Miami where the Marlins will face the Cardinals in their brand new stadium (which looks awesome!), but April 6 marks the first day of a complete MLB schedule.  I also am hoping to go to St. Louis, Detroit (Connor, road trip?), Kansas City, Cleveland, and maybe Chicago.  I think by writing down what I plan to do, I'll get it accomplished.

Until next time readers.